Illustration | Walden/Channel Islands Surfboards

Walden and Channel Islands are both surfboard icons, but on diametrically different ends of the style spectrum. Walden is a longboard icon that appeals to a laid back, classically inspired audience. Channel Islands is a technical behemoth dominating the performance short board market. The owner of both brands decided to work together  to benefit cancer research at the Longboard Luau. We were asked to create a design to honor Daisy Love Merrick that was true to her and the respective brands. We created a bold flower motif and words from the eulogy her mother delivered. It also features the names of the heroes of longbaording subtly in the water. There are dozens of layers, hundreds of objects and thousands of hexagons (borrowed from the Channel Islands logo) that come together in a digital illustration with a traditional feel. Visually it’s an odd mashup that works. And it works on another level, at auction it raised $11,000 for cancer research.

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